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Show App./Setup/Info

2020 Show application : Bossier Setup:
Friday: 9am-2:30PM | Saturday: 7:00AM-9:30AM
Bossier Civic Center for all shows except for November Show.

SHOW HOURS:  FRIDAY 3pm – 7pm SATURDAY 10am – 5pm

Set up / Bossier Nov. Mistletoe Show:
Thursday: 10am-3:00PM | Friday: 7:00AM – 8:30AM


West Monroe Setup:
Friday: 9:00AM-2:00PM

SHOW HOURS: FRIDAY 3pm – 7pm and SATURDAY 9am – 4:30pm

Setup / West Monroe Annual Mistletoe Show:
Friday: 9:00AM-2:00PM

SHOW HOURS: FRIDAY 3pm – 7pm and SATURDAY 9am – 4:30pm


(New website – you can cut and paste to web browser:

or you can still apply on clicking on the link below that is highlighted).  Vendor can apply and pay here or on the new website.

IF 2020 app is posted if any reps are interested – Can apply and pay now to lock it in.


APPLICATION  – The application is not a questionnaire. Do not submit application unless you are paying and applying.  Email with questions before applying.   IF YOU ARE PAYING BY PAYPAL  PAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE THEN FILL OUT APPLICATION


Bring your own dolly (hand cart), change, first aid kit, scissors, glue gun, bags and whatever needed for your business.

DPHB Shows will not be responsible for unloading and loading vendors. Please bring your own help.

Only 2 vendor passes for each vendor. Due to vendors letting people in through other doors in the building – this will be enforced. 

Again – we do NOT supply hand carts.  The Bossier Civic Center has them for their own workers. DPHB Shows can use what is not in use but vendor is not promised a dolly (hand cart). Do not put your inventory on one to hold for you.  They belong to the Bossier Civic Center and their own workers use them.

Show looks more professional with a back drop.  It is not mandatory.  Back drops can be rented or you can bring your own.  Please cover tables to the floor.  All tables in the booth.

If a category, booth size, or show is SOLD OUT, it will be stated on the application.  Credit/debit cards, checks, money orders will not be processed/deposited if you are not accepted in the show.

ONLY APPLY ONLINE WHEN PAYING BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD/PAYPAL.  If you don’t include all payment info, you may miss out on getting a spot.  If you don’t feel comfortable entering your credit/debit card info, you need to call us ASAP.  Applications without payment will be voided after three(3) days.

PLEASE NOTE:  DO NOT HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON  UNTIL YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND ALL THE RULES.  There are no show credits or refunds.  Once you have canceled doing the show it is final. Please list everything you will be selling on the application. Once the application is submitted, you can not add items to sell in your booth until you get it approved first.  The deadline to add items to your booth is three weeks prior to show. 

Spaces are reserved when payment is made in FULL. DPHB Shows will not accept checks 14 business days before show date, however you can mail a money order.  We will not accept checks for the November show after 11/01/2017.  This is a SECURE website.

Only apply online if your providing ALL information.  Please do not fill out an online application to ask a question, our email address is provided on website.  If you plan on mailing a check, money order, or providing credit card information (in writing) please include your email address to send you a confirmation. Please do not mail an application to us without payment.  It will not be processed.  Your check will not be deposited or credit card ran, if you are not accepted into the show.

Mailing address:
DPHB Shows, 13467 Hwy 157
Haughton LA  71037

Vendors:  Please remove all trash from you booth when leaving.  There are plenty of trash cans and dumpsters.  The Bossier Civic Center will start charging us a clean up fee if you leave the booth trashed.  The first time we are charged a clean up fee, the booth rent will have to be increased.  So please, help everyone out with this and put your trash in a trash can or dumpster.